Cotes de Provence, M de Minuty rosé

Apr 22, 20 Cotes de Provence, M de Minuty rosé

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It’s warming up and as soon as the sun comes out, so does the rosé wine. I personally love rosé. Although it has to be the dry version as I’m not a fan of the sweet stuff (sorry rosé de Anjou, and don’t even get me started on white zin – ugh!). At the moment, I have in the shop the M de Minuty rosé from the...

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Cricket in the park and Teres Rosé

I was introduced to the mysterious (for an American) game of cricket last weekend. My friend Ayesha’s husband plays occasionally in Regent’s Park and they invited me down one sunny Saturday afternoon to while away the day at the cricket pitch. Despite Ayesha’s best efforts to explain the game to me, I’m...

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Ch. du L’engarran Rose

One of my colleagues, Tom from Fulham, decided to organize a day out in Hyde Park for all off us slogging away in the London shops. Somebody brought a football and an American football but really I was just there for the wine. Even though the sun is still playing hide and seek with us, Wed. was a brilliantly sunny day and the Ch....

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