Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

Jul 11, 17 Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

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Tozi in Pimlico have recently put a spotlight on biodynamic and natural Italian wines they feature on their wine list. Tozi is a Venetian -Italian restaurant that focus on small plates of Italian food or ‘cicchetti’, as it’s known in the Veneto region. The biodynamic and natural wine movement has always been quite...

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Pizza Express and their low alcohol wines

Low alcohol wine. In the wine trade it’s a dirty little secret that wineries, esp but not limited to New World wineries, use de-alcoholizing machines to reduce alcohol in their wines but is there another way to make wine that is low in alcohol yet still has flavour and body? Pizza Express has thrown down the gauntlet and is...

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