Charity lunch at Vivat Bacchus with Kaapzicht Wines and the Pebbles Project

Jun 01, 17 Charity lunch at Vivat Bacchus with Kaapzicht Wines and the Pebbles Project

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Vivat Bacchus, despite it’s Latinate name, is a wine bar and restaurant in Farringdon specialising in the wines of South Africa. Begun in the mid 2000’s by Gerrie Knoetze,  there are two branches in London, the other being at London Bridge. Vivat Bacchus mainly serves food influenced by Cape cuisine but also has British...

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Oldenburg Vineyards Rhodium 2010

Apr 03, 13 Oldenburg Vineyards Rhodium 2010

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Rhodium sounds like a precious metal and it is, it’s found alongside platinum and 90% of it is in South Africa. It’s also the name of Oldenburg’s newest release. I think we know where they got the inspiration for the name of the wine. It’s always exciting to be at the launch of a new wine and last Thursday...

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Oldenburg wines at Berry Bros. & Rudd

Aug 16, 12 Oldenburg wines at Berry Bros. & Rudd

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Oldenburg Vineyards in Stellenbosch, S. Africa,  is located in what many consider to the premium wine growing region of the country. The vineyard is in the Banghoek Valley which means “scary corner” due to that fact that it used to the stomping grounds of local leopards. Nowadays they have all but disappeared leaving...

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Warwick Estate, S. African wine I like!

“Denise, there has been a slight change in our lunch plans today. Could you please call us? ” That was the first voice mail that greeted me on a recent Monday morning. I knew it was all that damn Icelandic volcano’s fault even before I returned the call. I was supposed to be attending a tasting and lunching with a...

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