Tenute Rubino Negroamaro ’06

Tenute Rubino NegroamaroOver the holiday season, I managed to drink up a few everyday wines but didn’t really get around to blogging about them. Now however, I’ve got plenty of time on my hands so here’s one of my favourites from December.

First up, a lovely, juicy negroamaro from Puglia, Italy, the Tenute Rubino Negroamaro ’06. Italian wines are underrated in my book, well the lesser known grapes anyway such as this lovely negroamaro (translation: bitter black) from Southern Italy. The southern Salento peninsula is where most negoramaro comes from and this is one fine example from one of the most modern wineries there, Tenute Rubino.  

This wine was lip-smackingly good. At first I detected  black cherry but then a savoury character crept in followed by notes of black pepper, almost dusty.  On the palate, dark chocolate with a nice tannic structure, lively acidity, loads of black cherry. It was great with pasta and the fresh tomato, avocado, buffalo mozzarealla salad I had thrown together.


tricolore salad

dinner - mmmm,mmmm, good!

The black cherry fruit really came out with the food, a lovely finish. The acidity of the wine cleared the palate – nice dark chocolate finish with hints of black pepper. I thought this red was a great food wine, fresh and lively.  I couldn’t get enough of the nose – after about half an hour brambly dried herbs, violets, and fresh black cherries started to emerge from the glass. At £7.99 it might not be exactly budget but there are some things you really shouldn’t scrimp on, don’t you think?

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