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Bibendum Dan

Bibendum Dan

Bibendum had their annual trade tasting last week and what a show! It was at the new Saatchi Gallery in the old Duke of York’s HQ in Chelsea. They’ve done wonders with the old barracks, perfect gallery space with lots of connecting hallways and stairs to who-knows-where. Every turn revealed a delightful surprise of winetasting.

The show was an opportunity for Bibendum to showcase their catalogue and they had everything from Asda own brand to Krug vintage with plenty of stops in between. I was there not just to taste but also to participate in the firstever Bibendum Twitter Taste Live! Dan Coward of Bibendum and Rob McIntosh of  wineconversation organized the event. There were about 10 of us. Lots of food bloggers, not enough wine bloggers. C’mon winos,  you need to show up! Surf4wine, Spittoon, wineconversation and me, The Winesleuth,  representin’ the wine-rs. Food Stories, Eatlikeagirl, Hollowlegs, CheeseandBiscuits, a couple others I can’t remember and Documentally, who, I think, was the techie guy. He certainly seemed like it with his Mac, I-phone and portable router.


Twittering wines

We twittered on 3 wines, the Austrian Laurenz V. ’07 Friendly Gruner Veltliner, the Spanish Dinastia Vivanco ’05 Rioja crianza and the Californian Delicato ’06 Old Vines Zinfandel. The twittering was a blast! Lots of bloggers from around the UK and one even stripped off his shirt (via webcam) for us ( thanks for the suggestion, HollowLegs!). I lost my twitter notes but if memory serves, the Gruner was med bodied, nicely peppery, with notes of hay and grass. The Dinastia Vivanco (or “dinosaur” as one twitter so eloquently put it) – loads of cherry and spice and the Old Vines Zin, bit confected and full bodied, smokey with lots of black fruits. That’s all I remember. Have to remember to save Twitter notes next time! I had a chance to speak with David DeBoer, VP of International Sales of Delicato at the end of the day, more on that in the next post or two. For now, back to editing my next video.


  1. I had so much fun at this tasting – I really hope there is another ttl event soon as I had probs with my phone and only managed a few tweets! Great write up Denise and I love the ‘action shot’ of Dan!

    • It was a lot of fun, can’t wait for the next one. Even though it may not exactly be a ttl, thinking of twittering the comfort food dinner on Wed. See you then!

  2. Nice write up of a fun event, and good pictures too. Might have an option for another Twitter Taste Live event in March, but need to speak to Robert about it first…

  3. It was a great little session; I’m so looking forward to another.

    PS a slight misspelling in the url – spittoon as aposed to spit on! 😉

    • whooops! sorry, Andrew! I did this last thing last nite so probably missed a letter. I’ll be sure to make the correction ASAP. Rob said that he’s definitely going to do more twitter events for us winebloggers. See ya soon!

  4. thanks for the great write up and photos – very glad to have you there. You are right, we really need more wine bloggers to take part, but I’ll organise more events to make that possible

    p.s. I’ve seen this text copied shamelessly to another blog – watch out!

    • Thanks, Rob. The twittering event was a lot of fun! And thanks for the heads up on that blog thief! I’ll have to look into that. Cheers!


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