I could get used to this…Aquapura, Duoro Valley

view - Douro river

After the European Winebloggers Conference 2009, a number of us bloggers were driven what seemed like forever through windy, mountainous roads to get to the Douro Valley and visit the Douro Boys to taste all their fantastic wines. I’ve got loads of pix and I’ve made a couple of slide shows but I just wanted to devote a few pix to the Aquapura Spa and Hotel. Nestled in the groove of winding hills that make up the Douro Valley, the spa is perched halfway up a hill overlooking the Douro River and surrounding hillsides.

courtyard fountain


We arrived near midnite but Iwasn’t going to miss the chance to take a bath in a bathtub as big as my bed, all while sipping the complementary vintage port and puffing on a Cuban cigar I had bought in Lisbon. Yeah, I could get used to this….except for the very confusing light switches, had to call room service for a walk thru on how to turn them off!




  1. i am so glad you enjoy aquapura and the douro..a special region and a nice hotel! thanks….

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