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I like specialist wine shops but there are not many around the high street nowadays. Happily, there seems to be more and more appearing on the internet. Some people may find it a bit intimidating buying wine online but just as you rely on the assistance of the staff in a wine shop, the better online wine websites have a bounty of information which can make it easier to choose a wine.

10 Green Bottles is a specialist wine shop that also has quite an impressive new website. They have a great little shop in Brighton so in this case, you can visit the shop before you buy online. 10 Green Bottles pretty much do what they say on the tin – 10 wines from 5 styles: red, white, rose, sparkling, spirits/fortified. It certainly does simplify the choosing process. Their new website is pretty cool, with tasting notes and a countdown of each wine available. Don’t worry if they run out of your favourite wine, if there’s demand and the winery still has a supply of it, they will re-order.

tasting room

tasting room from 10 Green Bottles

The wines are almost all exclusive to 10 Green Bottles and start at around the £9 price point.  I went to a tasting of their wines in London not long ago and I can tell you that they do have some amazing value wines. There was a fabulous white burgundy on show  from Dom. Huber-Verdereau, a cracking rose from Italian producer Col del Mondo and a great cremant de Loire from Domaine de la Paleine NV. Check out their new website, you won’t be disappointed by the selection.

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