Taking Away in Manchester

Nov 21, 13 Taking Away in Manchester

I have to say that whenever I leave London, I usually head to the Continent and very rarely head to the other  cities of England. However, it seems that I am missing a trick and really should head north of the M25. I love Chinese food and got this handy article from JUST EAT in Manchester the other day which I thought I’d share with you guys.

Manchester possesses an eclectic mix of restaurants but those who don’t have the time or the energy to go out can take advantage of choosing the best that the city has to offer and eat their meal in the relaxing comfort of their own home. And what better way to curl up and unwind than with your favourite food and wine of choice?

Chinatown in Manchester

Chinatown in Manchester

Exotic Chinatown in Manchester is the second largest in the UK. It’s entered through a highly ornate Chinese gateway and the area is usually humming with activity. If you’re unsure what to order you could always take advantage of JUST EAT’s food delivery in Manchester and sample some of the dishes on this company’s menus.

As far as wines go, popular Chinese dishes such as barbecued pork and noodle dishes pair nicely with pinot gris or sauvignon blanc wines.

Some people believe that ordering from restaurants can prove to be an unnecessary expense but if you order a ‘sharing menu’ all the family should be able to join in and it’s far cheaper to eat at home than to have to negotiate parking charges and other expenses in central Manchester. You also won’t get stuck in some of the motorway traffic jams.


Faulkner Street, M1 is one of the main thoroughfares for Chinese food. The tastes are diverse, and you’ll no longer have to be satisfied with Cantonese fare as many of  the newly opened enterprises specialise in food from all over China. Szechuan food, which tends to be spicier than Cantonese is growing in popularity; look out for green beans with chilli and pork, a truly fiery taste sensation.

All the flavours of South East Asia can be found in the streets that make up this fascinating corner of Central Manchester. If you would rather buy your own ingredients then head off to one of the many greengrocers and supermarkets that proliferate the area.

George Street is home to the Chinese Supermarket and Woo Sang Chinese Provisions and nearby Faulkner Street is the place to go for Lin Wah Bakery. It’s usually a good idea to ask for advice if you’ve never shopped in a Chinese supermarket before, otherwise some of the ingredients may prove to be utterly confusing once you’ve returned home and are really unsure what on earth you’ve ended up buying.


Sunday is usually the busiest day, this is the traditional time for Chinese families to get together, partake in some Dim Sum and then wander about and meet up with friends along the way. If you are at all unsure which are the best eateries just observe the ones that are the most popular with the local community. ‘The New Emperor’ has a good reputation but you’ll really be spoilt for choice in Manchester’s Chinatown.

Disclosure: This blog post was written in collaboration with JUST EAT


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