Summer cocktails at The Four Seasons Park Lane

Jul 02, 15 Summer cocktails at The Four Seasons Park Lane

We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave…”Whenever I hear that word, the classic song pops into my head. Usually it’s Marilyn Monroe singing, she sang it in one of her movies, can’t recall which at the moment. Anyway, there’s lot of ways to cool down but I do like the tropical-fruit-cocktail way on occasion, makes a change from my usual. As luck would have it, it just so happened that The Four Seasons on Park Lane had invited me down to try out their new summer cocktails.

lounge of the Four Seasons Park Lane

lounge of the Four Seasons Park Lane

They’ve created 4 special ones for the summer months and 3 for Wimbledon fortnight. So after surfacing out of the Hell that is the London Underground whenever the temperature goes above 20C, I was greeted by the lovely folks at the Four Seasons with an amazing selection of cocktails.

The new menu uses ingredients synonymous with a great British summer, perfect for enjoying on Amaranto‘s stunning terrace in the heart of Mayfair. Although because it was soooo hot we opted to stay in the air-conditioned hotel.

entering the Lounge at the Four Seasons Park Lane

entering the Lounge at the Four Seasons Park Lane

I tried the Italian Job job first; a classical combination of Aperol and prosecco with elderflower St-Germain liqueur and finished off with mint, sugar and grapefruit juice. Very refreshing and finishing off with that slightly bitter taste that Aperol is famous for.

The Italian Job cocktail at The Four Seasons Park Lane London

The Italian Job

My companion had the Summer-ita, a floral take on the classic Margarita, with Ochoa tequila mixed with hibiscus cordial, peach liqueur and lime juice. It was served very interestingly in a big round glass and was being topped with a  specially-made rose foam which was served in a cone shaped glass that nesteled within the round glass. It looked very stylish but my friend preferred to have the foam mixed in with the margarita.

Summer-ita cocktail at The Four Seasons Park Lane London


I also tried their version of a Mojito which was made with blueberries and watermelon and a strong dose of rum. Delicious! I loved this one and could have had a few more! But we still had the special Wimbledon themed cocktails.

Blueberry and Watermelon Mojito at The Four Seasons Park Lane London

Blueberry and Watermelon Mojito

Every year, Head Barman Ivan Arena and his team create special cocktails for Wimbledon Fortnight. This year the cocktails were themed around “colour”. There was a yellow one, The Winner’s Ball which was a tequila based punch with lots of pineapple. It reminded me of a pina colada minus the cream – infinitely tastier without the cream in my opinion.

The Tennis Field paid homage to the the only major tournament held on grass. A concoction of Midori and vodka, it was fresh and minty and really did put me in mind of green tennis lawns.

The Wimbledon Cup was a strawberry based cocktail, of course – this being Wimbledon- and also had hints of ginger and mint. Served tall, it’s a lot of cocktail.

Love All! The special Wimbledon cocktails at The Four Seasons Park Lane London

Love All! The special Wimbledon cocktails

The Wimbledon Cocktails will only be available for the two weeks of the tournament but the Four Seasons will be serving their Summer cocktails until the Autumn when they will switch to, you guessed it, the Autumn Cocktails. Can’t wait to see their interpretation of Autumn.

Visit the Four Season Park Lane website for more information on these cocktails and all the other speciality cocktails available.

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