#ADifferentView with Celebrity Cruises

Nov 19, 15 #ADifferentView with Celebrity Cruises

I’m pleased to be involved with this latest competition with Celebrity Cruises. For a taste of what life is like aboard a Celebrity Cruise, check out their latest TV advert…

The competition: #ADifferentView

In our busy and hectic lives it’s easy to rush around London without ever realising what a trove of architectural delights abound in the city. Kensington is probably one of the most famous neighbourhoods in London, chock full of parks, cafes and, of course, the world famous Victoria & Albert Museum. In our rush to get inside the museum, how many of us actually take a second to admire the archway entrance? The next time you happen by the V&A, I urge to stop and admire it, take the time to get a different view of the museum, not just what’s inside but the building itself.

In this spirit, I’ve partnered with Celebrity Cruises to bring you a different view. We’ve set up a frame of Persian tiles in Cromwell Gardens at the V&A to inspire you to get creative in your picture taking. For me, the view of the archway may seem imposing but within it is a welcoming figure with arms outstreached, beckoning you to come and discover the treasures within, it’s as if you’re being personally invited to enjoy the museum. I love the sense of adventure that awaits me as I enter the museum, I may have an itinerary in mind but with so much to see, it’s easy to get sidetracked and spend an entire afternoon in the V&A.

It reminds me that what may begin as one journey can turn into something entirely unexpected and delightful. I went on a wine cruise with Celebrity Cruises not long ago and was very pleasantly surprised by the entire cruise experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found cruise life to be very enjoyable indeed; what’s not to like about waking up every morning in a new destination and having the opportunity to discover a place that I might not ever have had the opportunity to visit if I were flying over it at 35,000 feet. Celebrity Cruises gave me a different view of how to travel, a more relaxed and enjoyable way, in my opinion.

So, pop on down to the V&A and look for my frame. Take a pic of the frame, through the frame or even around it. Whatever inspires to you take a different view of a space you might have otherwise blithely walked past on your way to something more ‘important.’ Don’t forget to hashtag it #ADifferentView on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be choosing the photo that we think best captures the theme of #ADifferentView and the winner will receive an Aspinal of London set of 2 Luggage Tags.

T&C’s apply, email me for a copy.

Good luck!

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