Discount wine books on line at The Works

Feb 23, 15 Discount wine books on line at The Works

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I love to get my hands on wine books. Whether it’s a book about how to make wine, how to drink wine or a great story about the history of wine, I want to read it. I used to buy books for my Kindle but there is something to be said for actually having a solid, physical specimen in your hand. I’v now gone back to buying...

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Le Snob Guide to Champagne- a perfect little stocking stuffer

Le Snob Guide to Champagne, despite the name, is a great little stocking stuffer for the champagne lover in your life. I met Giles Fallowfield, the author of this handy little book at a champagne launch, afterwards, during lunch he introduced me to his book and I had to the chance to chat with him about all things champagne. Le...

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