Was that….Blue Nun?!?

When I was a kid I remember my Mom having a bottle of Blue Nun on the fridge door among the milk and jars of mayo and mustard. She’d have a glass after a long day at work and I remember being  fascinated by the tall blue bottle. I once snuck a sip to see what it was like – ewwww!! That was about the extent of my winedrinking exposure until university and even then I didn’t take much of a step up. Luckily, I grew up and came to love German wines but I still had those lingering memories of Blue Nun as a “Mom” wine and not that good to boot.  I had heard that Blue Nun had relaunced their wine not long ago and wandering around the wine aisle of Sainsbury’s the other day, talking on the phone to my mom, I spotted that long tapering bottle on the shelf. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was because at that moment I was talking to my mom in faraway Nevada (we even had a laugh about the wine when I mentioned that I’d spotted it on the shelf), maybe it was just curiosity but for whatever reason I popped it into my basket and headed off to the checkout line. When I say they relaunched, they really relaunched. Those Germans are serious about rebranding Blue Nun, changing the label to one nun instead of 3 and making the label more modern, all in an effort to make it a player in the under £5 range. They are even starting a new campaign to trumpet the fact that one glass is the equivalent of one unit of alcohol, mind you, that is a 12.5 cl glass but one unit nonetheless. The wine comes from the Rheinhessen which is the biggest wine producing region in Germany, it’s the traditional home of  Liebfraumilch, which helps to explain the medium-dry style of Blue Nun and it’s a blend of Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau with an abv of 9.5%. Since the new reclassification, the...

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