Riesling on a cold and dark December evening

I was reading the new wine social media portal, Bibendum Times the other day and they had a great article on bicycling through the Mosel. Sure you get your exercise but even better are the pitstops along the way to sample all those wonderful Mosel rieslings. Readers of  The Winesleuth will know that I absolutely adore riesling,...

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Was that….Blue Nun?!?

When I was a kid I remember my Mom having a bottle of Blue Nun on the fridge door among the milk and jars of mayo and mustard. She’d have a glass after a long day at work and I remember being ¬†fascinated by the tall blue bottle. I once snuck a sip to see what it was like – ewwww!! That was about the extent of my...

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Wineblogging Wednesday – Alsatian Grand Cru ’03 Riesling

A rural country path, leading off into the wilderness…. …it’s not really that rural but I had to make my urban hike look a little bit adventurous… …just to keep up with all those other macho bloggers who, I am sure, were scaling near vertical hillsides along the Rhine while blogging about this months...

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