Sunday lunch, discovering the origin

Oh England, what a haphazard summer this has been. Started out mostly warm and sunny (June/July) but now it seems that come August the weather is pitching a hissy fit. One day it’s hot, next it’s cold and rainy and everyone is twittering on about how “there’s something autumnal in the air.”  Whatever, according to my calendar, it’s still summer. In defiance of the capricious weather, my friend Claire invited a few of us round for Sunday lunch in her new garden. On the menu: beetroot gravalax, lamb shoulder, samphire and lentils, roast figs and peaches and a cheese plate to finish it  all off, with some cheeky chocs thrown in for good measure. I had a couple of bottles laying around the house, as you do, that were sent to me by the Discover the Origin campaign so I toted those along. According to the website… …Discover the Origin is a campaign promoted by the European Union, Italy, France and Portugal and achieved by the office representative of five key European products: Burgundy wines, Port and Douro Valley Wines, Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese. The aim of all of them is to enhance knowledge of the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) among consumers, distributors and food professionals and to educate on the benefits of the provenance indicator schemes, the relevant checks, controls and traceability systems that are put in place to ensure ongoing quality, and to differentiate the products and raise their profiles… To that end, I had a bottle of red Burgundy and some LBV port for lunch. What is it about red Burgundy that makes me love drinking it? Is it the silky smoothness of the wine, the floral, ethereal aromatic notes, bringing to mind fields of lavendar, the taste of cherries, raspberries and red currants, a certain earthiness that seems to permeate my tastebuds. I just can never get enough of it. This one was a Chorey-Les-Beaune 2005 and even though it was just a Grand Vin de Bourgogne and...

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