“Let them eat caviar”, thus spaketh Bob Bob

Let them eat caviar! Forget all those gloom and doom sayers, all those folks complaining about the state of our current situation. What we all need is to get down to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho to forget about our everyday woes and immerse ourselves in a spot of gustatory pampering. I’m talking about Bob Bob’s latest lunchtime special. Bob Bob Ricard want to become known as “the number one choice for caviar in London” and they have come up with a cracker of a deal, the Caviar lunch. £19.75 gets you 10g of caviar with sour cream and blinis ( normally £24 at Harrod), a choice of either meat pelmeni or truffle and potato vareniki and a shot of Russian Standard vodka.While you’re perusing the menu, you can always order the Rhubarb G&T. A unique concoction made up by Bob Bob (aka Leonid Shutov, one half of Bob Bob Ricard) himself, the rhubarb is made to a secret recipe and the result is an amazingly tasty G&T. Bob Bob Ricard is a throwback to a more glamorous age, I’m thinking Mad Men but without all the social ills of that day, (thinking racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc). It’s the only all booth restaurant in London and has the unique “press for Champagne” button at each booth. Be careful, I’ve pushed that button and it ain’t cheap! The caviar lunchtime special will be running throughout the month of August until 5pm everyday, so hop on down. Bob Bob Ricard is at 1 Upper James St., W1F 9DF Tel: 020 3145 1000 reservations@bobbobricard.com Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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Wine and sushi at Tsuru in the City

When eating sushi, wine is not most peoples drink of choice. By why not? What if I told you I prefer wine with  Japanese food or, more specifically, sushi and wine? Why? How? Where? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have wine with just about every meal but wine and sushi can be perfect dinner partners for everyone. Last year I went to a food and wine matching night at Tsuru sushi at Bankside near London Bridge. I thought it was a brilliant idea to match sushi with wine. People often think that it’s near impossible to match Japanese food and wine but Tsuru had done a good job of it and it was a fun evening all round. You can read about the evening and watch the video here. Forward one year and Tsuru have expanded to a new location in Bishopsgate, The City of London. I went to their  opening the other night and was curious to see how the whole food and wine matching was going and if they had stuck to the idea of promoting wine with Japanese food. Happily, I can say that wine is still an integral part of their menu and not only that but Tsuru is striving to make good wine affordable to their customers. Too many restaurants in London feel the need to gouge the customer on the wine list but luckily Tsuru is not one of them. The most expensive wine topping out at £32 for a Macon Verze from the biodynamic producer Domaine Leflaive in Burgundy and Philloponant champagne priced at £34.50, might even be cheaper then in the shops. Their wine list is short but packed with wines that can show off the best against those sometimes very strong Japanese flavours. The list mostly sticks to French wines but does stray into German and Italian terroir now and then. The 2007 Sybille Kuntz Estate dry Riesling is a wine that matches very well with the sweetness of teriyaki while still being...

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Argentine/Kiwi cuisine at the same time? Lola&Simon, a restaurant in Hammersmith

I lived in Buenos Aires for 3 years back in the day so I know a bit about Argentine cuisine, even if I was a vegetarian for 2 of those 3  years. Yes, I know, how could I, was I mad, etc… One thing I can say is that I’m a pretty good judge of Argentine cuisine. I can also tell you that when I visited Gaucho at the O2, I was deeply disappointed. The food bearing only a passing resemblence to anything I’d ever eaten in BA. So, it was with some trepidation that I went to Lola & Simon, an Argentine/New Zealand (?, yes, I’ll get round to that in a second) restaurant in Hammersmith for the launch of their food and wine tasting menu. Lola & Simon is run by a charming Argentine/Kiwi couple, Nico and Kirstin – that’s where the NZ connection comes from. Their idea was to serve the best of these two Southern Hemisphere countries from the lamb and mussles of NZ to the steak and emapandas of Argentina. The wine list is also a mix of the two countries with over 50 wines currently on the list and they are set to add another 15 wines in the next few weeks. The specialize in the flagship varietals of each country, malbec from Argentina and pinot noir and sauvignon blanc from NZ. They are taking every step to ensure their customers can enjoy the wine at it’s best, even installing wine preservations machines behind the bar. Last week was the launch of the food and wine matching flights and platters. They’ve started with the malbecs and are offering 2 flights of 3 wines (50ml each) each paired with an Argentine ‘tapa’ (for lack of a better word). They’re calling it, Mad about Malbec. The first flight consisted of Picada 15, 2007 Malbec, Luigi Bosca 2006 Reserve Malbec and Rupestre 2004 Malbec/merlot/tannat blend. The Picada 15 malbec was paired with tasty grilled veg in a basalmic reduction. Full on...

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