Join Le Petit Chef Supperclub on a Culinary Adventure

May 30, 18 Join Le Petit Chef Supperclub on a Culinary Adventure

I recently attended a supperclub hosted by Le Petit Chef at TT Liquor in Shoreditch. Who is Le Petit Chef you might ask? He’s a miniature 3D animated French chef created by Dinner Time Story – a new innovative dining concept where diners are entertained by a tiny chef who jumps around not only your plate but the table as well.

The dinner I attended is subtitled – In the Footsteps of Marco Polo and follows Le Petit Chef along the Silk Route with culinary stops in the Middle East, India, the Himalayas and China. At each stop we were met by 3D birds, camels and fire breathing dragons. I spoke to one of the producers of the show afterwards and she told me that the entire show is a travelling story. They take great care to source the food, props and choreography so everything is seamless. The show travels around the world and the producers let the chefs (who actually design the menu in each city) tweak the shows to reflect their locale.


The dinner is also matched with suitable drinks. In our case, since London is known as a cocktail city, the folks at TT Liquor paired 5 of the 6 course with some very creative and delicious cocktails. I’m not much of a cocktail fan but the creations from the guys at TT Liquor were delicious and spot on with each location we visited with Le Petit Chef. There was wine with the main course, a red or a white to choose from.

I don’t want to give too much away but there are 6 courses and each was served in a specially curated dining set which left us all almost speechless. There were a lot of ooohs and ahhhs around the table with each course presentation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food, drink and of course, Le Petit Chef. It was a really fun evening and I definitely recommend it for a fun night out.

Dinner Time Story, Le Petit Chef is currently running in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Berlin and Belgium, and expansion plans for China and Scandinavia are already underway.
TT Liquor
17B Kingsland Road,
E2 8AA
Confirmed London dates throughout October 2017 to end of August 2018
Tickets, priced at £95 are available at
Further information and timings can be found on the website or by calling 020 3131 2793

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