Cono Sur wines sponsor the Tour de France

Jun 08, 15 Cono Sur wines sponsor the Tour de France

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Cono Sur Head Winemaker and CEO Adolfo Hurtado was in town recently to talk about their continued sponsorship of the Tour de France. This is the second year that Cono Sur has been the official wine of the Tour. It may sound rather unusual to have a Chilean winery sponsoring a French sporting event but they have been allowed to be one of the official sponsors. The only catch being, they can only advertise while on the legs of the tour that are not actually held in France. It’s only fitting as they are known as the wine with “the bicycle on front” that they should sponsor the Tour. The sponsorship is not coincidental as they are obsessed with bicycles in the vineyards of Cono Sur. As a matter of fact, their employees travel all through the vineyards and home again on bicycles. Adolfo commented that when you visit, there is always a row of bicycles waiting for the next rider. Cono Sur has commissioned limited edition Bicycle bells to commemorate the 102nd edition of the Tour de France. “These specially commissioned golden bells are to give thousands of Bicicleta wine drinkers something extra to remember whilst enjoying these great wines as well as this exciting sporting event.“ The bells will be on the Bicicleta range of wines. Cono Sur wines will as noted earlier be featuring in the ‘pre-race’ caravan during the Grand Depart phases which this year take place in the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course, Adolfo also had some wines for us to try. We were treated to their range of pinot noir wines. They are becoming increasingly well known for their pinot noir and Adolfo is very proud of all the work they’ve done over the years to find the best terroir for pinot noir in Chile. He says that the style and quality of Chilean pinot noir has improvedand changed a lot over the years. They have now gotten to the point where they are selecting the best spots to...

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Cono Sur – Chilean organic wines

Jul 27, 09 Cono Sur – Chilean organic wines

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I don’t know what it is about the summer but I just haven’t been in a writing mood lately. Which is a bit of a shame because I’ve been going to some great tastings lately. For example, I went to a winetasting a couple of weeks ago hosted by the delightful Chilean winemaker, Adolfo Hurtado of Cono Sur Vineyards and Winery of Chile. People often make the mistake of thinking that Cono Sur is synonomous with the big brand, Concha y Toro.  Although Cono Sur is a subsidiary of Concha y Toro, it is completely independent from it, making their wines in their own distinct fashion. Winemaking came to Chile in the 1850’s with the French winemakers who were fleeing the phylloxera crisis that was plagueing the Continent at the time.  The French settled in Maipo Valley because pragmatically enough, it was the closest vinegrowing region to Santiago de Chile, the capital. Besides the Maipo Valley, there are also the Colchagua, the Casablanca, the Rapel, the Maule and the Bio Bio Valleys, all of which are used for grape growing and winemaking. Chile is ideally situated to produce wine,even if it’s a long thin strip of land clinging to the western coast of South America. It’s bordered on one side by the Andes Mtns and the other by the Pacific Ocean but the centre of the country is a series of valleys, of geographical islands that have historically been phylloxera free and disease free. Chile also benefits from the Humboldt Current of off the coast which helps to cool down the inland valleys in summer. And, it is a very dry country receiving very little rainfall throughout the year. For this reason, wineries have to irrigate but they do have access to the glacial waters of the Andes Mtns, which on a positive note is great for organic production because no seeds or other unwanted detritus is brought in with the irrigation water. That’s not to say that Chile is pest free but Cono Sur has come up with unique ways to deal with the various creepy crawlies that can invade Chilean vineyards. One of the most common...

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