Cocktails inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show at the Kensington Hotel

May 20, 15 Cocktails inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show at the Kensington Hotel

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Everything is coming up roses this week (or at least flowery) as it’s the week of the Chelsea Flower Show. I visited the Kensington Hotel last night to sample the special cocktail they’ve created to celebrate all those stunning floral displays down the road. Their mixologist Alessandro Pizzoli has concocted the Lily of the Valley, a gin based cocktail served tall over ice. While we where there, Alessandro walked us through all the ingredients used including the homemade lavender sugar they use to give the drink an extra lift. The cocktail is served with seasonal edible flowers which I, of course, scoffed down along with the drink. I love eating edible flowers and the tastes are always surprising! The Kensington is also offering a floral themed menu to go along with Lily of the Valley signature cocktail. In keeping with the theme of the show, the menu features unique botanical dishes such as chanterelles with green dandelion and puntarella, spring chicken with elderflower, and bitter chocolate and rosewater delice. They also include wild fennel flowers and hand-foraged pennywort in other dishes. The Lily of the Valley costs £14.50 while the floral menu is priced at £24 for two courses and £30 for three. Both are available to enjoy from 15th until 31st May. For more information, visit the hotel website here. Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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New cocktail menu and beef nibbles at Gaucho

Dec 03, 14 New cocktail menu and beef nibbles at Gaucho

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Last night I was invited to try out the new cocktail menu at Gaucho in Piccadilly. The Gaucho group has launched a new Autumn/Winter cocktail menu along with a ‘Beef in the Bar’ canape plate. I caught up with Ian O’Reilly, Head of Bar and Beverages at Gaucho, over a couple of cocktails to find out a bit more about the new seasonal menu. According to Ian, the idea behind launching the ‘Beef in the Bar’ was to highlight what Gaucho originally made the restaurant successful – beef! They want to get back to their roots and remind people that Gaucho is not a high maintenance or pretentious place, rather their main mission is to serve the best Argentine beef and red wine with a side of chips. The beef nibbles in the bar are all a part of that idea. At the moment, they are serving Aberdeen Angus Air Cured Bresola, Beef & Chilli Salami and Chimmichurri Cured Salt Beef and in the future they’ll be curing the meats in their own malbec, Vina Patricia. I thought the beef nibbles were a nice little accompaniment to the cocktails. The new cocktail menu is divided into 3 sections, aperitifs, signature cocktails and Buenos Aires classics. Ian described the signature cockatils as having something for everyone, he’s taken, in his opinion, some of the best of Argentine culture and artisanal products to create unique drinks. Gaucho stocks 4 or 5 artisanal products such as Herpedina, which is an orange liqueur only made in Argentina, which they use for one of their Buenos Aires classics cocktails. As the evenings are now long, dark and chilly, I went for the whiskey based cocktails on the list. I tried the signature cocktail Smoked Ginger made with Bullit rye, the Buenos Aires Classic The Re-Fashioned made with Woodfood Reserve bourbon with a touch of espresso and their Club Negroni made with Haig Club. Manhattans are my default cocktail but these bourbon/whisky based drinks at Gaucho could make me forget my manhattans,...

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Featured Post- Be Creative With Your Champagne

Aug 06, 13 Featured Post- Be Creative With Your Champagne

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Champagne has long been the companion to special moments and selecting the right one can often seem impossible with so many goodies to choose from. Whether you love champagne by itself or only drink it on Christmas Day in your Bucks Fizz, with a good champagne cocktail it is possible to create a scrumptious drink to suit everyone’s taste buds. A sweet summer treat: If you’re hosting a summer party why not try a watermelon keg filled with a fruity champagne cocktail? A watermelon keg is a wonderful way to present your drinks as well as a talking point for your guests to enjoy. Making a yummy watermelon champagne cocktail is pretty simple if you gather together the following ingredients, and pour your best flaring skills into whipping up a refreshing summer treat. 770g of watermelon 60g crushed mint leaves 120ml of vanilla infused vodka (chilled) 60ml Triple Sec 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice 850mls (a bottle of) champagne or sparkling wine How to: Blend the watermelon until smooth, strain the liquid and measure out half a litre of the juice. Add your mint and stir, then leave to chill for half an hour. Add the vodka, lime and triple sec with one cup of ice and stir vigorously, remove the mint leaves and fill the glasses with ice. Pour the watermelon mixture into the keg and gradually stir in the champagne. The keg itself: Wash the watermelon under cool running water and dry, place it on its side and cut up to half an inch off both ends. Be careful not to cut too deep into the rind as one end is to provide the base. Use a marker (preferably green) to make a thick band around the upper third and lower third of the watermelon, and use a knife to make grooves along this line. Scoop out the contents of the watermelon with a spoon or ice cream scoop (you could use the watermelon for your cocktail), leaving roughly 2 inches of watermelon at the bottom of the fruit so the spigot can be placed within....

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Mead cocktails to beat the heat at Northbank

Jul 22, 13 Mead cocktails to beat the heat at Northbank

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Now that the sun has finally agreed to cooperate, it’s time to find some cool and refreshing drinks to deal with the mini-heatwave we’re having at the moment. I usually turn to a nice Provencal rose or zesty white but I was recently introduced mead cocktails. Mead is usually associated with Merry Olde England and to be frank, I didn’t really know what it was but after a bit of research (ok, I googled it), I discovered that it’s a honey flavoured wine that was a staple during the Middle Ages and produced by English monks. That is, until Henry VIII outlawed the monasteries and the production of mead fell out of favour. Happily, the folks at the Cornish Mead Co. revived production 50 years ago and their mead is now featured in Northbank restaurant’s specialty mead cocktails. Northbank is an “modern British restaurant” right on the Thames almost directly under the Millennium Bridge with fabulous views of the Thames and the Shard as well as a deck to enjoy the sunshine. I tried all 4 mead cocktails and they were refreshing and tasty. I was expecting sticky sweet cocktails but the mead cocktails were none of the above. Mead on its own can be quite sweet and syrupy but with the addition of gin (Chamberry Mead),vodka (Honey Mead Rise),  cachaca ( Elderberry Caiperina) or frangelico (Cherryelico) delish. The restaurant has a seasonal menu available for both the bar and restaurant. As it was quite a hot day, I tried the fish dishes, whitebait, Thai fishcakes and skate wing. Skate can be difficult to cook properly but Northbank’s was tasty although a bit heavy with the accompanying butter sauce. For a change of pace in this hot summer weather, try a mead cocktail at Northbank. I really enjoyed them. NORTHBANK Millennium Bridge One Paul’s Walk London EC4V 3QH         Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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Malmaison’s Olympic cocktails

Jul 27, 12 Malmaison’s Olympic cocktails

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Just  a quick post today seeing as it’s the beginning of the Olympics. If you find yourself in Clerkenwell and fancy an Olympic themed cocktail, head over to Malmaison Hotel. They’ve come up with a string of cocktails for their guests. Going for the gold? Try the Gold Martini, vodka based with elderflower cordial, it’s finished off with a garnish of edible gold powder.  Second prize goes to the Silver Martini, a very fresh gin based cocktail, it reminded me of alcoholic lemonade and was waaaay to easy to drink. Although it’s called the Bronze Martini, it was my favourite, a whiskey based cocktail, it was very similar to my favourite –  a Manhattan, and was garnished with edible bronze powder. There were also a few other cocktails on the list, including the Olympic Flame, a long,tall and quite fruity drink, the very pretty Team GB Martini and, the most enticing to me, although I didn’t order them, the 5 Olympic shots – pretty much pure liquor shots. If you’re curious, here’s what they’re made of… Blue: 15ml Blue curacao, 20ml Absolut vanilla Black: 35ml Patron XO Cafe Red: 15ml Grenadine, 20ml Absolut Citron Yellow: 15ml Galliano, 20ml Absolut Mandrin Green: 15ml Midori, 20ml Absolut Apeach Malmaison will be running these cocktails throughout the Games so pop in if you’re around Clerkenwell. Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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