Jacquesson lunch(es) in Champagne and London

Oct 17, 11 Jacquesson lunch(es) in Champagne and London

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I had lunch twice with Jean-Herve Chiquet, one half of the fraternal owners of the champagne house of Jacquesson (founded in 1798), along with his fabulous champagnes in the space of 2 weeks. I know, it’s tough but someone has to do it. My first encounter with Jean-Herve, at the winery was rather disheveled, as somebody had forgotten to tell him that we ( meaning the CIVC and us) were coming for a visit, but Jean-Herve recovered magnificently. He amiably lead us through a tour of his winery followed by lunch with the chateau staff. At lunch, Jean-Herve popped open bottles like soda pop, numerous bottles of the Jacquesson 734 and Jacquesson 735 being opened and passed around the lunch table. The perks of working in Champagne is, well, I guess, champagne with your workaday lunch! You may wonder why the wines go by a number instead of a name. The answer is simple, it was the number of the lot in their daily reports. Even though it was the last day of the harvest and I’m sure he had plenty of work to do, he kindly led us through a tasting of his single vineyard 2002’s – the Dizy and the Avize after lunch. The Dizy and Avize are special because although they are single vintage, they didn’t start out that way. Originally, they only wanted to make great wines but when they tasted the terroir of the wines, they knew that they were onto winners. Both are 100% chardonnnay but due to the terroir very different in temprament and character. The Dizy coming from premier cru vines and the Avize, grand cru. At the winery, I preferred the 2002 Dizy, Corne Bautray, Blanc de blanc, tasting of a mouthful of rocks (in the best possible way), very precise with a sharp attack and finish, the middle being quite sweet and fruity. I could almost taste the seashell bed of Champagne, finishing off with some candied nutty notes. The 2002 Avize Champ Cain,...

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