Pub crawl? pfft! How about a Champagne Crawl instead?

Jun 28, 11 Pub crawl? pfft! How about a Champagne Crawl instead?

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London has the longest champagne bar in the world, situated in St. Pancras Station. Searcy’s runs the bar in St. Pancras but it’s not the only champagne bar they have, they also have a series of champagne bars across the capital, in such diverse locations as train stations, upscale malls and even across the street from St. Paul’s cathedral. I was invited to partake in a champagne crawl one early summer evening and happily, it wasn’t raining, although if it had been, we probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway, the champagne was flowing. Searcy’s wanted to show off their rather chic bars as well as the great champagnes they offer. Who says champagne should just be for special occasions? We started out crawl at The Village in Westfield Mall in West London. The Village is full of shops like Prada, Gucci and Dior, I mean who doesn’t need a glass of champagne after that kind of credit card workout? The Searcy’s in Westfield is curved around the foot of the escalators and to start off our evening we had a Ruinart blanc de blanc aroma profile game to play. I had been to the launch of the Ruinart aroma box back in March so I tried not to participate but it was a fun experiment to do again, this time I didn’t do so well but it had already been a long day for The Winesleuth (I’d just arrived from Brighton).  This particular location has not only a bar area but also a separate cocktail area with tables and banquetttes partitioned off from the rest of the mall so you can sip in peace. All of the bars have extensive champagne lists and the prices start at £8.50 for a glass of house NV. When you consider a pint is what? Almost 4 quid nowadays, why not splurge a bit now and then on a nice glass of champagne? I like the layout of the menu, various glasses available by vintage, blanc de blanc, rose,...

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