(video) Simon Hopkinson chatting about food and wine at the Exeter Magdalen Chapter Hotel

Jul 23, 12 (video) Simon Hopkinson chatting about food and wine at the Exeter Magdalen Chapter Hotel

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Simon Hopkinson , well know British chef, founder of Bibendum restaurant in London, and author of several cookbook also takes time out to consult for the Chapter Hotel chain here in the UK. I caught up with Simon at the newest addition to Chapter, the Madgdalen Chapter Hotel in Exeter to talk about his food and wine philosophy as well as the cuisine of the Chapter Hotels. I also spent the weekend in Exeter at the Magdalen and will be writing about it very soon… Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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Tawny port and orange slices

Apr 13, 12 Tawny port and orange slices

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I never know what interesting food and wine combinations I’m going to come across but one of the more unlikely pairings, to me anyway, was 10 yr old tawny port and fresh orange slices.  They was presented as dessert at lunch while we were visiting Quinta da Gaviosa in the Douro Valley. I was in the Douro with Discover the Origin to well, discover the wines of the Douro (ok, I guess I was discovering the origins, didn’t want to be too obvious there – #fail). Anyway, we had wound our way through the rather steep hills of the Douro to visit the father/son wine making team of Domingo and Tiago Alves de Sousa of Quinta da Gaivosa. Unfortunately, as so often happens on press trips, we were running late and so Domingo had to rush off to Porto for a wine maker’s dinner. Tiago however, was able to stay and give us a grand tour of their vineyards and explain a bit about the land. Quinta da Gaivosa’s vines are perched high on the steep  hillsides and many of the vines are over 80 years old. It’s this longevity that gives their wines such concentration. I shot a short video of Tiago explaining the soil and climate of the region. Some of you may have seen it already as I inadvertently posted it as a stand alone video here last week: Many of the vines at Quinta da Gaivosa are as I mentioned over 80 years old and there is one vineyard in particular that Tiago is not even sure how old it is,  he thinks it’s over 100 years old but no one is sure as it was an abandonded vineyard. Tiago discovered it one day and decided to see what the vines would supply. We took a drive up to the top of the hill where the abandoned vines were and he has left it much as he found it. There are big gaps between the gnarled, stubby vine trunks and...

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Italian wines and Drink Price at the 2010 LIWF- videos

When I was at the 2010 London International Wine Fair, I came across DrinkPrice. Actually, they came across me as they were roaming the Excel Centre looking to interview wine people and what we thought were some of our interesting finds. I had come across some great Italian wines and did a brief tasting note with DrinkPrice presenter (and wine drinker) Nathan Nolan. DrinkPrice is a new website that aims to catalogue all the drinks available in the UK. The also have numerous video interviews and reviews on their site. You can see my picks for interesting Italian wines, including a  Sicilian Red, a Nero Cappuccio and a Marsala Superiore. Have a look to see what we thought of these wines and how they matched up with the food on offer.… Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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We made the final cut! Now please Vote for Guerilla Wine tasting and send us to Argentina

Hi Everyone! A few weeks ago  Eatlikeagirl and I got a gorilla suit, wines from Viniportugal and twittered a secret location for folks to come down and drink with a gorilla. We videoed the whole thing and entered it in as our entry for the Bibendum Times/ Argento contest. The whole idea behind the contest was to submit an entry that was as inventive as possible about wine. Our idea was to show that good wine can be good fun! Luckily, we made the final cut and now we need your help to win. Bibendum Times has put up the top 6 entries and it’s up to you to vote for your favourite. I hope the Guerilla Wine Tasting is your favourite, so please VOTE FOR US!!  Click here, we’re entry number 5, and hopefully you’ll be sending me and Eatlikeagirl to Argentina sometime in the Autumn. Thanks in advance and keep your eyes peeled for the next Guerilla WineTasting – will be announced on Twitter soon. Voting ends Wednesday, March 17th at 5pm GMT. Just in case you missed it, here is the video,one more time: UPDATE: WE WON and will be going to Argentina in the Fall! Thanks for all your support! Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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What a year it’s been! So long 2009, Hello 2010…

I’m not really one to look back, I’m either daydreaming about the future or looking forward to tonight’s wine – more or less the same thing. But I saw one of Niamh’s tweets about her year-end round-up and it got me to reminiscing about my vinous adventures this past  year. The great thing about a blog – I’ve got a record of many of my favourite drinking adventures. Not all of them mind you, because many I just never got around to blogging about but I did manage to put up almost 120 blog posts this year! I would have done more but I was computer-less over the summer after my laptop was stolen in June. This was definitely the year that The Winesleuth embraced video in all it’s gory messiness. Whether the videos made any sense, well, I’ll let you decide but I sure did have a lot of fun making them. I’d like to get a bit more creative in 2010 and maybe even, dare I say it, a bit more professional. My favourites of the year include ones I made with my good friend and fellow wineblogger Wine90 – she just cracks me up. Here we’re reviewing the Balfour Brut Rose…. But Bibendum Dan was another excellent foil, here we are talking about hairy armpit wines… Fun events, as when Catavino came to town and their winetasting at Vinoteca… [viddler id=74e84e69&w=437&h=333] or the Naked Wines Argentine wine auction….. [viddler id=f70e4865&w=437&h=392] and then there’s just amusing and charming winemakers…Etienne Hugel of the Alsatian winemaker Hugel & Fils… [viddler id=9fe1ae3d&w=437&h=392] and Neil McGuigan of the Australian McGuigan Vineyards, to name a few… [viddler id=49575c47&w=437&h=392] And, of course, the vids of my wine reviews, my favourite has to be one I did in S. Carolina while I was on holiday – every time I see it, it reminds me of what a great holiday I had… Of course there was Twitter as well and the Foodies, most especially Eatlikeagirl with whom I did the...

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