Upcoming Riedel tasting at the Bluebird


Photo from Riedel site

Does a wineglass really make a difference in one’s appreciation of wine? The folks at Riedel definitely want you to think so.  Riedel has been making glass in Bohemia for 250 years but only in the past 50 years has Riedel focused on producing not just any wineglass but a wineglass specifically made for each particular grape, matching the character of the wine to enhance one’s enjoyment of their vinous delights.

Well, I’m going to be able to put the wineglasses to the test on Tuesday, Jan. 27th when my favourite little wineshop, The Bluebird on the King’s Rd will be hosting a ” winetasting with a difference.” We’ll be tasting 6 classic wines, among them; champagne, Old World Sauvignon, Old World Pinot and some other choice wines in Riedel glasses.

We’ll be using the Vinum series of Riedel wineglasses for the tasting. The price is £60 for the tasting but before you throw up your hands and say, “Too rich for my blood!”  remember, you’ll be able to take home a set of 6 Riedel Vinum series glasses (made with over 24% lead crystal) as well as tasting some seriously good wine ( Penny never scrimps on the wines) and sampling Bluebird canapés, which will be served after the tasting.

Tickets are limited so what are  you waiting for? Broken all  your good glasses over the holidays? Need replacements? Here is the perfect opportunity to replenish your cupboard.

Bohemian wineglasses, fabulous wines and delicious canapés – what better way to spend a cold winter’s evening? Contact Penny at The Bluebird on 0207 559 1130 or email to  pennyj@danddlondon.com  

See you then!


  1. Denise!! This is a great opportunity to be live blogging this event!!!

  2. Ooooh! This takes place on my birthday, a good omen maybe? Have a swig on my behalf, wish I could be there.

  3. Well worth using the Riedel glasses. I have some vinum extremes and they really do make a difference.

  4. lapeira /

    You have a lovely life!

    • I don’t know about that, just good at spinning it. I mean, who wants to read about my trip to Lidl this afternoon?!?! 😉
      FYI, Lidl is a huge discount supermarket chain.

  5. OK – I really hate that I can’t go to this … but I’ve got some friends I’ll suggest it to so I can live vicariously …

    • What a shame! Well, you’ll also be able to live vicariously through my post when I get around to blogging it! P.S. tell your friends to look for me there at the tasting, I’ll be the geek with a camera and laptop!

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