EWBC, Social Media at the London Wine Fair09 -video

Last year (2008) saw the launch of the Winebloggers Conferences. The European one (EWBC)  was in Rioja, Spain and the North American (WBC) one in Sonoma, CA. The goal of the bloggers conferences is to enable  all of us in the virtual world to get together and exchange ideas in the real world. I mean, even if we’re all computer geeks, we still like to get out now and then.

This year at the London International Wine FairCatavino.com and Adegga.com have gotten together and put up an information stand about the conferences. I had a brief chat with Gabriella and Ryan (and special guests) to find out what they hope to achieve at the LIWF.


  1. Great to see you Denise! I only wish we had more time to taste together. Granted, my sides ached from laughing so hard, but it was worth suffering a little pain in order to enjoy your hilarious commentary. Take care and please come visit us in BCN soon!

    • Thanks, Gabriella! It was great to hang out with you guys, you really should try to get to London more often. Hope you see you both soon! besos!

  2. Jose Eduardo /

    Hi Denise,

    Awesome to see you after all this time. Tried to say on the live chat but no one was behind the screen 😐 No matter nice presentation and hope to see you again in Oct in Lisbon.


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