L’anima Wine Challenge – Vote for us!!!


Lunchtime at L'anima Italian restaurant

First of all, if you’re reading this before 23:00 (GMT) on Aug 26th, run over to here and vote for me and The Boy!! The Winesleuth and Bibendum Dan (aka The Boy) took part in a fabulous social media experiment hosted by the award winning Italian restaurant L’anima.

L’anima’s Head Sommelier, Gal Zohar, decided to  harnass the power of social media, be it, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc. to get people (even more) excited about L’anima’s winelist. They have an extensive list of some of Italy’s finest and most interesting wines and want to add a few more.

Once I found the place, we sat down to taste. Listed in no particular order and by our Twitter names – Gal Zohar (@zoharwine),Dan Coward (@bibendumwine, Robert McIntosh (@thirstforwine) recorded the event and updated folks],Jamie Goode (@jamiegoode),Douglas Blyde (@douglas_blyde),Anthony Rose (@antrose33) and me, Denise Medrano (@thewinesleuth)
15 wines to get through in less than 2 hours.

We tasted through 5 flights of 3 wines each (listed here), and then were divided into teams  and interviewed to try and convince all you twitters out there why the wines we chose would be the best additions to L’anima’s wine list. You get to vote on which video was most convincing. If you vote and send a special tweet (found on the voting site) you’ll be entered into the prize draw* ( a behind the scenes tour of L’anima, sharing a bottle of Prosecco with Gal Zohar and a pack with each of the winning wines)

Here’s me and The Boy: (Team 3)

All 3 videos can be seen here http://lanimalondon.wordpress.com/wine-list-challenge/challenge/

The wines that make the list to be announced on Thursday, Aug 28, 2009. The prize draw winners to be announced sometime end of September.

*prize draw rules: must be over 18 and live in the UK. All arrangements will be made with the winner direct via Twitter after the selection. There is no cash alternative and it’s free to enter.

P.S.  – Team 3 won with 50% of the vote. Great teamwork, Dan!


  1. So good to see some dynamic female wine experts in action!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to see more female wine experts online, there are quite a few out there, c’mon ladies, don’t be shy! 😉

  2. Thought whole idea was great… and even better, new. You and Dan got my vote. Most entertaining performance, you guys sold it. The only thing I remember about the wine though is it’s Holywood star.. so I’d have to ask for the Depp wine. Maybe you’re on to something else there… better than numbers eh?

    • I’m sure Gal would love it if people asked for the Johnny Depp wine! It was a fun experiment and hopefully we’ll see more new and creative ways of using social media. And yeah, comparing wines to Hollywood stars is much more entertaining then boring old numbers – a score of 98, who cares! 🙂

  3. What happened to the Meursault, Barolo/Barbaresco by the glass and Southern Italian rose by the glass results?

    They were not mentioned in the videos at all.

    • There wasn’t a lot of contention with the other wines and the organizers wanted to make the videos competitive. For the Meursault’s we all voted for the Cuvee Charles Maxime, Dom Latour-Giraud ’06, for the Barolo/barbaresco we went with the Giacosa Fratelli ’05 and the rose, I preferred the Niederra, Contini ’07 but everyone else preferred the Ciro, Santa Venere’08 which I thought was too heavy for a rose.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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