Meet the Parent’s Burgundy – 2007 Pommard Les Epenots



Domaine Parent

There is an association of female wine producers in Burgundy. Why female only? What sort of feminist conspiracy is going on on the golden hills of the the Cote d’Or or the chalky soils of Chablis? It’s not really a plot to overthrow the male winemakers of Burgundy. Just a reflection of the fact that men don’t like to talk about their problems, vinous or otherwise. That was the reason given to me for the formation of the Association of Burgundy Female Winemakers, that and the fact that the female winemakers wanted to improve the image of Burgundy by focusing on wines, educating the young and preserving the culture of wine appreciation in France and beyond. There are currently 35 members, all friends who enjoy getting together for a good chin wag a couple of times a year to discuss their viticultural problems.

sisters Catherine & Anne


I sat down with Anne Parent of Domaine Parent in the Cote d’Or (and also the Vice President of BIVB) to have a chat about the association and also try her wines. The Parent’s produce both white and red Burgundy from Corton and Pommard respectively. Anne and her sister Catherine took over in 1998 when their brother decided to branch out of the family vineyard and start up his own. Anne, though says that she’s wanted to be a winemaker ever since she was a little girl. As a child, she  used to follow her father around the vineyard soaking up all she could about wine making and the vineyards.

We had our own little chin wag about her 2007 Premier Cru Les Epenots. Here are Anne’s thoughts on her Pommard….


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