Simi 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon and a Goodman Burger

A contender - the Goodman burger

Amongst my foodie friends there is a subset of them who are obsessed with finding the perfect burger. Like one that, let’s be honest, you can only really get in the States. A good, old-fashioned, tasty and cheap burger. Cheap being the operative word. So far, I haven’t found one that compares to what you can get back home but I did have a very tasty (and pricy) burger the other night with a group of food bloggers at Goodman Steakhouse in Mayfair.

wagyu carpaccio

This being Mayfair, we were treated to a starter of wagyu carpaccio with shaved parmesan. Definitely not something you’d find on the menu at In-n-Out.

After that we settled in to wait for our burgers. And what a burger, only the top cuts going into this sucker. It certainly was very good but it should be at £12 a pop. The Chef came out to talk us through the burger and he disclosed that the secret to such flavourful burgers was chopped onions. I knew it! That’s just what my mom puts in her minced beef when she’s making burgers for the grill.

Perusing the wine menu looking for a wine match (well, we were dining in Mayfair), I spied a bottle of ’02 Simi Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley for only £40. I was suspicious as to why it was so reasonable but ordered it anyway, thinking if it was bad, I could always tell the foodies they just didn’t know what California wine tastes like!

Simi '02

What a lovely wine it was. Very aromatic, berries, leather and many savoury aromas floating around, mingled with spicy, saddle shop notes and even a few whispers of licorice. Swilling it around, it was soft and velvety, full of red and blackberries, again the leather and spice integrated in there with a dark chocolate finish. I really enjoyed this wine, very well balanced and a real steal! I spoke to the manager later and he told me that the wine had fallen into their hands as a bin end but they were really pleased with the way it was showing. I couldn’t agree more! And it was really yummy with the wagyu. Unfortunately, we went for an Argentine malbec to have with the burger rather then another bottle of Simi and it was nowhere near as good.

Afterwards, we got a tour of the kitchens with chef and got to take a gander at the meat coming off the grill and also aging in the meat locker.

Chef John Cadieux

hanging out

aged meat

hot off the grill

We barely managed to get dessert down but if you’re looking for a ‘real’ cheesecake, Goodman’s does a pretty good job of whipping one up…

cheesecake made with real Philly cream cheese!

A Goodman’s burger might not be cheap but it certainly was tasty and I went off into that dark night a happy camper.

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  1. Such a great night – I love the passion the Goodman crew have for their steak. How good was it to “hang out” with those steaks! Lovely wine choices too – thanks!

    • Yes, it was great to hang out with the steaks, how often do you get to do that? And “hang” with you lot – we need to meat up again soon! Next time, we’re going Old World in our wine choices! 😉

  2. ah, that was a great night, fab burgers indeed! The cheesecake was something special too much to my surprise.

    That Simi was a brilliant choice, I’ve been trying to find some more ever since but with no success, let me know if you find another source 😉

    • Yes, it was a great nite out! I don’t think the ’02 is available any longer as it seems Goodman was lucky to get their hands on the few cases that were left. If I do find it, I’ll certainly let you know!


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