Chatting with Manuel Louzada, Numanthia winemaker

When the subject of Spanish wine comes up, the wines of Rioja are usually what springs to mind and although tempranillo is the red grape of Spain. There is a lot more to Spain then Rioja.

I had the chance to speak to Spanish winemaker, Manuel Louzada of Numathia vineyards recently. Numanthia is in the Toro DOC region of Spain. The DOC is in the northwest of Spain and specializes in tinta de toro, an offshoot of tempranillo. Manuel however, takes a different approach to his wine and is hoping to create balanced, elegant, but not heavily oaked wines. Manuel and I sat down after lunch one day and had a chat about the Toro region, the tinta de toro grape and how he makes his wines. Oh, and we had a little tasting as well of his Numanthia and Termanthia wines….

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