Podcast with Tamra Washington, Chief Winemaker of Yealands Estate

Oct 15, 12 Podcast with Tamra Washington, Chief Winemaker of Yealands Estate
Yealands Estate whites, just chillin'

Yealands Estate whites, just chillin’

New Zealand winery, Yealands Estate recently won a slew of awards at the International Wine Challenge 2012 (The International Sauvignon Blanc Award, The James Rogers Award and the Marlborough White Wine Award), pretty impressive for a winery that only produced its first wines in 2008.

Tamra Instagrammed

Tamra Instagrammed

Their chief winemaker, Tamra Washington was in town to collect the awards and on a European tour to promote their wines. I had dinner with Tamra in Brixton at Upstairs where I had the opportunity to ask Tamra about her awards, where she things New Zealand sauvignon blanc is going in the future and about the exciting possibilities that Yealands has with a block of pinot noir she discovered in Otago.

Click on the link below to hear the podcast:

Tamra Washington, Chief Winemaker of Yealands Estate, New Zealand.

The Winesleuth and Tamra

The Winesleuth and Tamra, after that pinot!

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