Mother’s Day Food, Drink and Travel

Feb 27, 15 Mother’s Day Food, Drink and Travel

I’ve been turning my attention to Mother’s Day lately. Thinking about where I would go and what I would do in an ideal world. There would have to be plenty of wine or champagne involved of course. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how you would pair some delicious wines with food, drink and travel. Here are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with so far.

Mother’s Day in Brussels.

A little bit of luxury is a wonderful thing. Booking a holiday with a reputable company like Venere could be a good option to begin with. Finding somewhere that looks luxurious and suits your budget is the perfect starting point. Brussels is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. You could even head to Paris from there and sample some fantastic food and wine from the many local restaurants.

A Home-Cooked Meal

Cooking a meal and spending some quality time with your mum could be the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. I’m a big fan of traditional, hearty food. A roast dinner is the perfect choice. Get your hands dirty and get in the kitchen yourself. Cooking up a storm on Mother’s Day and giving mum the day off is a fantastic way to spoil busy mum’s who don’t get much time to themselves. If your mum prefers fish, then serve up delicious poached cod with new potatoes and a cool and crisp Chardonnay.

Sweets and chocolates

There are lots of ways to spoil your mum with a sweet treat. One perfect way is to take her to a chocolate masterclass. This is a great opportunity to get out and do something fun together. Getting hands-on and creating something together is a good bonding experience. Chocolate can also go well with wine if it’s done correctly. Come home and cook her a meal. Desert can be paired with a good quality red wine or for those who prefer something lighter, then a sweet white Muscat might do the trick.

Wine Tasting

If you want to introduce your mum to a wide variety of wines without breaking the bank then try a wine tasting adventure. If you are feeling brave (and money is no issue), then you could tour a few of the world’s best vineyards. There are plenty of places in the UK as well as around the world that you could start off with. They key to having a wonderful time is to choose somewhere that you both want to visit. Think about your mum’s travel requirements and where she would want to go. It is important to prioritise her on this special day.


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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea doesn’t have to be pretentious. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a light bite to eat while having a catch up together. Afternoon tea at The Dorchester with a glass of Grand Siècle champagne is sure to impress both mum and daughter.



  1. All of the above sounds good to me. I am yet to try The Dorchester afternoon tea – it is on my list! Nice round up Denise. Rosana x

    • Thanks, Rosana! The Dorcester Tea is pretty awesome, especially when you add on the Laurent Perrier. Now if only I could get my mum to fly over to this side of the Atlantic — LOL! x

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