The Avina Champagne Stopper

Nov 04, 17 The Avina Champagne Stopper

Over the summer I received the Avina champagne stopper in the post to review. I don’t really use stoppers much but on occasion they can be useful.

Avina has developed a champagne stopper that claims it will keep the fizz in AND you can store open bottles sideways, which means you can lay them down on the fridge shelves rather then taking up valuable space on the fridge door.

It’s pretty rare for me to have left over fizz but one afternoon I just fancied a glass of sparkling and decided to give the stopper a go.  After having a couple of glasses at lunch, I popped the stopper on what was left in the bottle, put it in the fridge and decided to leave it for a few days. A few days turned into a week so when I did get back to the sparkler, I didn’t have much hope. But, guess what? The bottle still had plenty of fizz left. I was well impressed.

Avina champagne stopper

Easy to use

Avina has developed a unique leakproof cap seal that really does keep in the bubbles. They guarantee that the stopper will prevent leaks and maintain bottle pressure. It’s very easy to use and they will even replace it if you somehow manage to break it.

I think I’ve found the perfect stocking stuffer and yet another reason to open a bottle of bubbles. The stoppers usually retail for £12.50 but Avina have given me a 15% off discount promo code (AVINA15F) which you can use on their website. Click here to use the code.




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