Matching wine at Hashi’s cooking class

Lately, I’ve been doing lots of food and wine matching with Japanese food. I really enjoy the challenge of matching wine with this food. It’s not an easy thing to do, what with all the competing flavours coming at you, from the salty, umami-ish qualities of soy to hot wasabi and sweet soy, the food really can be a...

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Wine and sushi at Tsuru in the City

When eating sushi, wine is not most peoples drink of choice. By why not? What if I told you I prefer wine with  Japanese food or, more specifically, sushi and wine? Why? How? Where? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have wine with just about every meal but wine and sushi can be perfect dinner partners for everyone. Last...

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Strawberry Shortcake and Bisol (food and wine matching competition)

Way back in March or was it April, I went to the La Dolce Vita show which was a showcase for everything, (what else?)Italian and was introduced to the lovely folks from Bisol prosecco. I fell in love with their prosecco, light and lively, lovely little bubbles- the perfect aperitif. Niamh of eatlikeagirl blogging fame has joined...

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