Featured Post: How to match wine with food: seven tips for successful pairing

Jul 24, 13 Featured Post: How to match wine with food: seven tips for successful pairing

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Have you always wanted to experiment with pairing wine with food but find the whole idea confusing?  Not sure which type of wine will enhance your meal and give it that rich tasting flavour to die for? Gone are the days when paring wine with your meals was as easy as ABC, when the rules of coupling white wine with white meat only...

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Tozi, cicchetti in London

Jul 09, 13 Tozi, cicchetti in London

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Prosecco may be very popular but as my Italian friend, Giordi, always tells me –  it’s too sweet here in England. So when we sat down at the new Italian restaurant Tozi and were presented with 2 glasses of prosecco, I wondered what she would say. After taking a sip,she pronounced it as it should be, dry and refreshing....

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Hutong London opens

Jun 30, 13 Hutong London opens

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Last week, I was invited to Hutong London up on the 33rd floor of the Shard for (a preview of the) spectacular view and dinner. I was a bit skeptical as the big draw seemed to be the view ( and usually, if the view is good, the food is not) but really, go for the food and  THEN the view – although the view is pretty damn...

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Krug Kitchen at Aveqia

Jun 21, 13 Krug Kitchen at Aveqia

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Last year I visited Aveqia in Farringdon and took part in a very fun evening, making dinner whilst being supervised by very friendly and helpful Aveqia chefs. So I was delighted to be invited back to preview The Krug Kitchen, a private cooking studio designed by Italian design studio Minotticucine and kitted out with...

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London Launch of Dom Perignon 2004

Jun 09, 13 London Launch of Dom Perignon 2004

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The Dom Perignon 2004 was an “effortless” wine to make, according to Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy. Richard was elucidating on the 2004 during a recent presentation here in London. 2004 was a very good year for grapes, unlike 2003 where just about everything conspired against the vines. For Richard, the challenge was...

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