Fish & Fizz with The Wine Trust

Jun 24, 15 Fish & Fizz with The Wine Trust

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I do like to indulge in a glass or three of champagne now and then and it’s even better when it’s paired with something good to eat. Did you know that one of the best foods to pair with sparkling wine is none other than that quintessential British dish, fish & chips. So, I happily accepted an invitation by the Wine...

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Dining at Mamounia

Jun 23, 15 Dining at Mamounia

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The first time I ever had hummus was here in London, of all places, and I have to say I was not overwhelmed. As a matter of fact, it took me a few tries before I came round to the delights of Middle Eastern food. However, I’ve come to love Middle Eastern cuisine and am always looking for good restaurants. There are loads of...

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Cuisson’s Pop-Down supper club

Jun 22, 15 Cuisson’s Pop-Down supper club

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Pop-up’s are everywhere nowadays but how about a pop-down? The concept is really a play on words as the events take place in the basement of Borough Barista, an independent coffee shop in St.James.  The dinners were created by luxury gastronomy experts, Cuisson and the POP-Down will be open Thursday-Saturday evening...

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Pairing Food with Wine in Spring

Apr 13, 15 Pairing Food with Wine in Spring

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I am currently in the middle of organising a spring party for friends. It’s not a party for any particular occasion. It is simply an opportunity for me to catch up and to experiment with some of the many wonderful ingredients that this season has to offer.   I have just completed the “food and wine pairing” item on my party...

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World Malbec Day with Guacho

Apr 08, 15 World Malbec Day with Guacho

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World Malbec Day is coming up, it’s April 17th in case you forgot to save the date. To mark the day, Argentine restaurant Gaucho is launching a week of special Malbec tastings at various Gauchos around London. I was invited to a sneak preview of the tastings with Mr Malbec, himself, Gaucho’s Director of Wine, Phil...

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